From 2016-2017 I curated a web-based magazine that featured interdisciplinary artists from around the world. It was called SOUND:POETREE:: Fanzine, and these are the archives. Enjoy!

winter 2016

Tim Lelen
Maggie Sawkins
Abigail Norris
Junior Clemons
Nicholas Bohac
Rex Leonowicz
Nicole Zdeb
Justine Reimnitz
The Bag People

fall 2015

Loud Thought Look
Extreme Vulnerability
Listen, Together
A-N-D Bleep. 
About the Artists

Alex Ayling
Michael Brandonisio
Christine Choi
Dara Khan
Yaquelin Laporte
Joseph Martin
Luigi Porto
Denise Newman
Sean Ogilvie
Kate Salvi
Standard Schaefer’s
He Can Jog
tor[r]entjet (by N. Syverson) 

summer 2016

Valerie Fox
Jacklynn Niemiec
Jungwoong Kim
Susan Yount
Kendra Amalie
Jia Qian
Martha Grover
Andrew S. Nicholson

spring 2016

Arelene Ang
Valerie Fox
Micah Domingo
Sarah Fontaine
Lala Abbadon
Jerod Sommerfeldt
Jean-Marc Yee
Erik Schoster



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