words by Sarah Fontaine
visuals by Lala Abaddon

“Those natural changes to your face are called skin volume loss and they can produce a look that’s simply not as youthful as you’d like.” -truthaboutaging.com (Loreal Paris)


Come here. Come closer. Sit down. Lie down. What happened? You look different. Something is different. You look dehydrated. You look tired. Maybe you had a baby? Did you have a baby? Maybe your body passed through some time and some space? Maybe you stayed up too late last night. Maybe you stayed up too late last year. Maybe you were a willing worker, willing to work on that website, willing to email for 7-10 years, willing to email after 5 pm, after 10:30 pm. Maybe you went outside without using cloths and or white creams in plastic bottles to create distance between your face and the central axis of our solar system. Maybe you woke up too early on Wednesday because of the math moving in your bank account. Maybe the stress of watching the movement with your eyes slowly drained the volume from the skin under your eyes. Maybe you noticed the bony man walking with a massive black suitcase down your street with drool on his chin and you held your breath when you walked past him. Maybe you didn’t offer him any of the blueberries you were eating out of the plastic package. Maybe some of the fat dissolved off of your cheeks at that moment and floated into the air. Or drained down into your belly. Maybe you want some of it back up in your cheeks. 

Maybe you saw the kids at restaurants staring at tiny screens while eating. Maybe seeing them seeing the screens made your eyes heavy in their sockets so your under eye skin sagged at the weight, the weight of your eyeballs and all the screens they’ve seen, all the screens seeing all the things across the world for you, for your eyes to see on screens. Maybe you want some of the fat back on your face because fat in very specific regions on your face, specifically right next to your eyes and right on the very tippy tops of your cheek bones gives the appearance that your face is not subject to gravity. And even though this law of gravity is a law that can only very occasionally, and not without decades of technology devoted to fossil fuel extraction and / or meditation, be transcended, it’s still a law that you want your face to look like it has defied. 

And you want your face to look like it has transcended gravity because you love yourself. You love yourself just as you are. Come closer. Love yourself. Love yourself so much that you drive to the place where it is sold and then park outside of the place where it is sold and you walk into the large-biggest store with the big-persistent rows of lights above the persistent-long rows of products which you walk past. The bottled water and the magazines covered with all the skins so vibrant-fat humming with crosspolymer thickeners and you walk through the pet foods and scented cleaners to get to this middle-finger-sized silver bottle. It’s late on Sunday night and people are buying onions and french bread wrapped in silver and toilet paper. Love yourself so much that you wait in line under those lights next to those volume-thickened skins on covers next to mints to buy it and then come home.

Bring the small silver bottle into your house and look at your face in the mirror. See all of the spaces where the volume used to be. Once, there was volume there. Now there is gravity, on display. Open the bottle. Squeeze the white cream out of the tiniest hole onto your pointer finger. Come here. Come closer. Put it on your face.

Let the cool, smooth cream that came out of the tiniest hole volumize your cheeks and that delicate-thinnest skin under your eyes. Let the crosspolymer thickener thicken it up. Push some of those tiny cool plastic molecules into the spaces that exist because you are in a body existing through time and space. Push those polymer thickeners into those spaces. Rub your cheeks and eye skin with it. Push the blobs of plastic into your face. In addition to crosspolymer thickeners, this small bottle has acid inside it. This acid is good for your face, it will put your face back on your face. Old face thickened with new face. Once you push this acid onto your face will look like you just started life. 

Like you just woke up indoors, in great-persistent ease, like you have never been subject to the effects of the central axis of our solar system. You will look like you have never been subject to the conditions for life on Planet Earth, which is a very sexy way to look. Your face will be volumized with acid and crosspolymers and other faces will think you are so light that your face doesn’t need gravity. Your face will be so plump with volume that it’s never made space for the sun. Your face will look so full, like you are new to this.