Building Your Village
from Variable Space 

 words by Valerie Fox
sketches by Jacklynn Niemiec
dance improvisation by Jungwoong Kim

We were curious to think about virtual space and how it lives in the body. How can we preserve what makes us feel, though we do not entirely know why? What happens when the words are gone? What remains?

Variable Space is an ongoing cross-disciplinary creative and research project by Jacklynn Niemiec, Leah Stein, Valerie Fox, and Jichen Zhu. The videos featured here show Jungwoong Kim (performer and collaborator with Leah Stein Dance Company) improvising to text “Building your village” (by Valerie Fox) in the motion capture lab in URBN Center of Drexel University. Play videos simultaneously for best effect. Sketches above by Jacklynn Niemiec are based on this motion capture data; click on them to view larger.