Sound States: Innovative Poetics and Acoustical Technologies

Here's a new book I found today that I am really excited to start reading. It is a collection of essays about Sound and Poetry edited by Adalaide Morris. To give you little teaser, here's the opening line, which grabbed me immediately: 

"Writing has been bottled up in books since the start," the poet Robert Carleton Brown proclaimed at the end of the 1920's: "It is time to pull out the stopper." 

And some more quoted material from the Intro: 

And lo: there are poets, poets from this book, on MTV! It's the nineties! Poems are being written with television cameras, composed in recording studios, downloaded via computer networks .... Bob Holman, Aloud: Voices from the Nuyorican Poets Cafe

Oh, the 90's, I kind of miss the 90's. Haha. So, it might be a little dated, but I think there could still be some really relevant material here! The book comes with a CD that has a lot of cool stuff on it, ranging from John Cage to Miles Davis to Caribbean DJ Poets who I've never heard of. (!!)  

It is a little pricey to buy outright (close to $50 for a new paperback), but you can snag a free PDF here: That's what I opted to do; there's a track list in the beginning of the book, so you can easily find them on Youtube, or whatever. I actually don't even have a CD player anymore (does anyone?), so that's kind of better for me anyway.

Okay, that's all for now. Enjoy!