TFW: You Can't Stop Listening to Arthur Russell + Cool Classes to Take

Arthur Russell is so good... 

Re-discovered Arthur Russell thanks to Bandcamp Weekly, a great podcast hosted by Andrew Jervis. I listened to him a lot a few years ago, but then he just dropped off the map for me. Glad to have him back! Been listening to his whole catalog the last week or so. 

Bandcamp somewhat recently added all of his albums,

Love how raw-sounding his voice is, like, when it cracks, he just lets it, and it makes the songs more emotionally resonant.

Listening to his terrible singing, also can't help but wonder, if you could actually just be bad at everything you're doing and still make something that sounds cool, interesting. (asking for a friend, heh.) 

Also, love how he jumps between genres of music. Folk, Bluesy-Rock-ish, Electro. Try it all! 


Online Music Classes at Berklee School of Music 

There are so many great classes to take, but here are the ones I was thinking I could start with: 

Keyboard for the Electronic Musician 

Ear Training for Live Performance

The Ear Training one seems like it would be particularly helpful. I feel like I am always standing around imagining melodies that I don't know how to re-create on the keyboard. It's frustrating. Saw this, and was excited to find out that there's a class to help you with that exact problem! Eureka! 

Anyway, here's the place to go, if you want to sign up for online music classes too,

Whoops, that's Arthur Russell again, here it is,


the end. (: