Chapbook Update: Big News! {dancing girl press} Will Publish My Book!

If there's anyone out there that's actually been following this blog, you might know that I have been working with my friend Katie Powell to make my first poetry chapbook. We ended up producing a beautiful book together, and I can't thank Katie enough for all of her time and resources. She not only created a beautiful layout and cover design, but she also helped me to painstakingly punch holes in each book for the binding, and she led me to resources to help me learn how to make books myself. Most importantly, though, she (probably unknowingly) encouraged me to keep making work.

This whole thing started because Katie needed a project for her graduate school publishing class, and I had a book of unpublished poetry I didn’t know what to do with—perfect match! So, I sent her the book, and we met for happy hour to discuss potentially working together. It turned out we totally bonded! Ha. But, I remember her saying something surprising, she said that she thought my work sounded very female, and she thought that was a good thing. She said that there were times when she was reading the poems where she felt like I was saying something that she had felt before, but never thought to express. What a great compliment! I honestly didn’t think that anyone could get anything out of the poems other than me! It meant so much to me that she said that, and it inspired me to keep going.

When you decide to dedicate yourself to being an artist, you have to face a lot of resistance in the world—for a lot of reasons, some I understand, some I don’t. Sometimes it’s hard to continue in the face of it all, so even the slightest bit of encouragement can make a huge difference. All of this is to say: Thank you, Katie. You are great. And, to those of you reading: if you need a really talented graphic designer or just someone whose goodness renews your faith in the world, consider getting in touch with Katie Powell. (:

I launched this site because I got tired of begging people to like me (i.e. sending out my work), but I still wanted to connect with other poets/artists/makers/dreamers. I figured “if you build it, they will come,” right? But, before I decided to sort of go it alone, I DID send my work out to a few places. And, as fate would have it, I was literally binding the last (of 10) chapbooks last night, and I got an email from dancing girl press saying that they would like to publish my chapbook in 2016!

dancing girl press is dedicated to promoting the work of women writers and artists, and I am really pleased to be selected. They make beautiful books, and it would mean a lot to me to be a part of the community they are creating. So I have decided to give away the 10 books that I made to family and close friends, rather than selling them as a limited edition series on this website.

Long story short: My very first poetry chapbook, things we have in writing POEMS (for Z) will come out through dancing girl press in 2016,  and I am so grateful.

<3 <3 <3