welcome to SOUND:POETREE::

hi, there! thanks for stopping by. thanks for reading my very first blog post, on my very first website. here's a sort of summary of what i'm thinking about doing with all this space. 

the name of the space comes from my love of music, musico-poetics, soundscapes, and the intuitive sense that artistic practices are grounded in, and dependent on, the earth. also, trees are really really cool. i mean, think about it. 

a tree is both grounded and free-floating--its roots buried deep in the earth and its branches stretching out toward/into the sky. so...trees are a lot like humans...they need to be grounded to fly. striking this balance (between the grounded and the free-floating) is an integral part of my practice in art and life, and I look to the trees to show me how. A grounded exuberance (a term i heard in yoga class) is my goal here, too—in as much as it is possible to be a poet-tree in cyber space.

in addition to the online zine and chapbook press, i'll use this blog to host interviews, feature guest writers, tell you about the books i'm reading, invite you to events, and anything else i can dream up! 

some things on my plate right now:

  • I am currently soliciting work for the very first issue of SOUND:POETREE:: Zine, which I'll publish on this website in September 2015. Please do SUBMIT. I'd love to experience your work!
  • I have visual poem postcards for sale right now. :D
  • I’m working on a chapbook with my friend, Katie Powell. she’s created a beautiful cover and layout, and she’s graciously agreed to teach me how to hand-stitch a book! so, we will be publishing my chapbook, “things we have in writing (poems for Z),” and I'll offer it to the world this summer 2015! 
  • My philosopher friend, Andrew Utschig, would like to do a short series that I think I'll host on the blog.
  • I'd like to stage a series of "art happenings" here in Philadelphia. I'm still sorting out the details, but they will include local members of the community (ie YOU :D), they will be spontaneous, they will be ephemeral, they will not be recorded. (i'll keep you updated on the where/when/etc as it comes to me.)

I have so many more ideas, but these are the most pressing right now. thanks for reading. hug!