Poets Are Really Bored People (a video poem)

hey philly! let's make a poem together!

when: December 12th from 3pm-6pm at my place in west philly.

who's invited: everyone. tell all your friends.

what are we doing? just walking around the house. wearing homemade masks and a part of the poem we're making. also standing in front of a camera for minute or a second or so. dancing if we feel like it. maybe someone will play the piano. we'll just let it happen.

what to bring: a paper grocery bag that you'll make into a mask. I'll have markers and paint and glitter and stuff to decorate them. if you forget your bag I'll have some on hand. limited supply, though.

**if you have extra grocery bags to bring for people who forget, that'd be awesome! also, more crafting supplies wouldn't hurt!**

why? mainly, just because. or, to protest complacency, or whatever.

also, snacks. there will be snacks. and warm beverages like tea, coffee, hot chocolate. 

for more details, email me: soundpoetree@gmail.com