Winter 2016 Zine Update

The short version: It's coming along! And, I am super excited about it.  We've got a lot of awesome and varied submissions and I look forward to presenting them, yay! I'm aiming to publish early to mid January. 

Also, we got a lot of great footage last weekend for our video poem, and I'll be editing it in the next couple of weeks so that it will be ready in time for the Winter issue. 

I've got a few other ideas of my sleeve RE: plans for the future are like. For example, I kind of want to form a secret society, don't tell! (Haha, at least I think I'm funny.) 

Alright--updates might be a little sparse till January b/c of holidays and b/c I'll be working really hard to get all this stuff ready for you. Thanks, as always, for your support!! I could never dream this dream without you. xo! m