SOUND:POETREE:: is Open for Submissions! And, Other News...

Hello dear readers!

I have not updated this blog in awhile because I took a short vacation to Portland, OR and I just returned a couple of days ago. I had such a lovely time relaxing and catching up with old friends, but I am glad to be back in Philly working on all the stuff I love. (Read: Poetry.Sound.Zine.) It's really such a blessing to do this work, and I'm so grateful. 

All this is to say, I'm ready to start reading/listening to/experiencing your work for the Winter 2016 issue, so bring it on! :D

Submissions are due to by December 15, as I plan to publish the Winter issue in January 2016. To learn more about the kind of work I'm looking for, visit the Overview and the Submit sections of this site. Or, check out the Fall 2015 Galleries.

Also, a couple of other things... 

Denise Newman's video poem from the Fall 2015 Galleries has been pretty popular. I have already gotten several questions about it. So, I decided to ask her for an interview, and she has graciously accepted. I think this will be a wonderful way for Denise and I to catch up (she was my teacher and mentor when I attended CCA), but it will also shed some light on her processes, thoughts on poetry, etc., which might be interesting to you. I'll publish our exchange on this blog in mid-October, so stay tuned! 

Finally... people keep telling me that I need to do an email-subscription-thing, so I am going to start doing that soon-ish, I think. That way, you'll be notified when there are updates to the zine and whatever. :P

That's all for now! Keep dreaming! -m

oh, p.s. my jam right now...