Winter 2016 Issue of SOUND:POETREE:: Update

Hi all! I'm writing with a quick update on the Winter 2016 issue of SOUND:POETREE::. 

First, I am super excited about the winter issue. I have already gotten some interesting and varied submissions! Here's a sneak peak: a multimedia live literature performance from two artists based in London, some super-trippy visual art from a couple of west coast artists, some sound poetry performances, visual poems,  and more! 

Also, I will plan on posting a video of my community-based poetry performance, which I think will be really fun! 

For the second issue, I'd also like to change up the format a bit. I like the idea of "galleries," but I'm thinking that I'll arrange them in different ways. I will create the new format around the specific artists/work that I receive, so I'm not quite sure what that means yet. But, I'd like the 2nd issue to feel new, updated, fresh.  Anyway, it should be great! I'm looking forward to it, and I hope you are, too! 

Please also remember to submit your work! SOUND:POETREE:: will remain open for submissions until December 15th 2015. And, I plan to publish the Winter 2016 issue in early January. Send your strangest poetry, performance, cross-genre work, visual art, etc. to:

<3 <3!!!