New Performance Poetry Project in the Works!

Hi Philly friends! Let's make a poem together!

This is a quick note to let you know that I am planning a poetry performance, and I need your help! I'd like to make a video where we all make a poem together. 

A few things you should know...
You will not have to do any speaking or acting, and your face will not show up in the video because we will all be creating masks out of paper shopping bags to wear during the performance.

So,  I'll ask you to show up wearing all black and to bring a smartphone, if you have one.  I'll also be asking you to write a word or a short phrase on a piece of paper for the poem. Other than that, you'll just be walking down a short hallway. It'll be easy and fun! Promise!

I'm thinking that I'll do this around the first or second week of December, so I'll update the blog again with more details as I have them. I'll be reaching out to some of you individually, too. I hope you all can make it. Tell your friends!